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For a long time, I’ve kept 2 websites with semi-regular updates on both. This site has been exclusively for my photography, while disturbancesinthewash.net is where I write about “everything else” that interests me, namely technology, Apple stuff, marketing.

Over the course of this year, I’ve noticed the topics have tended to merge a bit and I haven’t been sure where to post certain articles since they seemed to be relevant to both sites. For example, I wrote about my backup strategy that involved how I backup my Aperture library. I also wrote about issues with the intergration between Aperture and Pixelmator. Or how about a mini review of Pixelmator?

All of the above could’ve been posted here as well and, I think, would’ve been relevant. Unfortunately I had to choose only one place to publish them and the readers here missed out.

So, from today, I’m consolidating all my writing and photography over at Disturbances in the Wash. I’ll slowly move the content from this site over there and all new articles and links will be published there.

Please head over to disturbancesinthewash.net and subscribe.

Those that have subscribed to receive email updates will be migrated automatically. I hope you stick around, but if you’re not happy with this every email I send has an easy unsubscribe link. No hard feelings if you decide to click on it.

Another reason I’m consolidating is focus. I just don’t want to split my time and brain power more than necessary.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with this site in the future. I’m thinking it’ll be an entry point to other places where I’m hanging around online, but not sure yet. For the short term, it’ll stay up as is while I transition the content across.

If you want to get in touch with me, send me a message on Twitter or emails me through the Contact form in Disturbances in the Wash.